Family Children Park
Family Children Park
Beautification of Multan Round About Chowk
Family Children Park
Madar e Millat Park
Family Children Park

Our Functions


"To make Bahawalpur look more green, clean and brighter"

Mandate & Rationale:

  • 1: Focus
  • 2: Uniformity
  • 3: Integration
  • 4: Autonomy

Major Functions of PHA Include:

  1. 1: To streamline and bring about uniformity and integrated horticulture development approach for beautification of Bahawalpur.
  2. 2: Development and maintenance of new parks, roundabouts, triangles, green belts, green verges, central medians, play grounds and open spaces in Bahawalpur.
  3. 3: Face lifting, Landscaping, illumination and beautification of assigned areas.
  4. 4: To regulate outdoor advertisement activity in Bahawalpur.